Built-In Value

Integrating the spirit of accessibility throughout home design.

We challenge conventional wisdom that home price value is only measured by the cost per square foot. It is only relevant if the additional square footage you are purchasing (which helps reduce the cost per sq ft) is useable space that supports the way you want to live.

  • Cost per square foot is not the only guideline to use when comparing the value of homes for sale
  • Often folks spend more and purchase a home that is bigger than they need because they think they’re getting better ‘value’ due to a lower cost per square foot price
  • A smaller home is likely to have a higher cost per square foot, however may be more affordable in the long run - due to energy efficiencies and overall design - particularly if you won’t be purchasing home space that is un-useable given your current and future lifestyle
  • Better design yields better value, through functionality, accessibility, sustainability, adaptability, and ease of maintenance.
  • The Knolls’ design concept is based on the fact that lifestyle should dictate space allocation in a home, rather than traditional floor plan configurations, so you have a choice of floor plans to meet your lifestyle needs
  • Compare the features and functionality of a home at The Knolls with those in your current residence. Imagine your lifestyle transitions over the next fifteen, twenty, thirty+ years. Consider how much it would cost to renovate your existing home to include the features and benefits that you might need in the future to live comfortably in that environment.
  • The beauty and value in the homes at The Knolls is that the living space complements and supports comfortable accommodations across an expanded life span.
  • Incorporated into each of the fifteen floor plans offered at The Knolls is strategic functionality and design flexibility. Some of the features include:
    • Single story floor plans - You can go from driveway to garage to all main living areas of the house without having to navigate stairs.
    • Wider hallways and doorways for easier maneuverability
    • Natural lighting on every side of the house with strategically located task lighting
    • European style spa baths with private and accessible toilet rooms, walk-in showers, higher sink counters, and soaking tubs
    • Flex room spaces for offices, studios, or guest quarters
  • Private patios and courtyards with easy access and flow from indoor to outdoor spaces
  • Maintenance free living - All landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal are provided for all residents at The Knolls

Dollar for dollar we invite you to compare the features and functionality of a home at The Knolls when you are searching for your next living environment.